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How to choose attachment when operating mini skid steer loader for three areas?

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The mini skid steer loader has become the first choice to solve a variety of limited working conditions because of its distinct advantages such as being compact, flexible, efficient and practical.

This article is mainly about the first-time buyers' preferred equipment in pasture, emergency rescue and snow removal.

Skid steer loaders can be widely used in construction, gardens, roads, snow removal, pastures and other fields. Among the many applications, how to choose the equipment that suits you? First of all, you need to be very clear about what your main business is after you buy a skid steer loader. Only you have determined this, can you better choose your mini skid steer loader.

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Pasture operation

1.Fork or agricultural grab

A large dairy farm consumes tens of thousands of tons of concentrate forage every year, so mechanical handling is essential.

The skid steer loader attaches a cargo fork to become a master in handling, which fully reflects the versatility of skid steer loader.

Fork or agricultural grab

In addition to using forks to carry fixed haystacks and encounter bulk materials, match the skid steer loader with an agricultural grab, which makes it easier and more efficient for forage grabbing.


The skid steer loader equipped with a bucket can move freely in the barn and can carry out no dead corner operation  with high efficiency in fecal cleaning, loading, transportation and so on.


When the skid steer loader fill sand for cow enclosure, it can be operated vertically, which is more even and does not need to be leveled manually.

At the same time, it can turn 360 °freely, can advance and retreat in the narrow space freely. The efficiency of sand filling is high.

3.Manure pusher

During the operation of the dung pushing board, the noise is low, which has little effect on the herd, and has an important influence on improving the comfort of dairy cows and increasing milk yield.

The biggest difference between the manure pusher and the bucket is the state of the feces. Most of the feces treated by the push board are fresh feces with large water content, which need to be cleaned timely and quickly, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria. There is no dead corner in the construction, and the cleaning effect is very remarkable.

manure pusher

Emergency rescue

Grab bucket

After the rainstorm and typhoon, the trees fall down and block the road. At this time, several skid steer loaders are needed to fight at the speed of light to quickly clean up the trees that have been blown down and break down to restore road traffic order.

The skid steer loader with grab bucket can efficiently clean up debris such as rocks and branches after natural disasters. The curved bottom teeth make it possible to shovel materials without digging into the ground, which is very convenient.

Bucket or enclosed cleaner

When the flood receded, the ground was muddy. The skid steer loader was urgently needed to carry out dredging work. Equipped with a bucket or closed sweeper, it perfectly played the advantages of the skid steer loader's flexibility and high efficiency. The dredging efficiency was excellent.

The skid steer loader is small and flexible, small and powerful, and can enter into a narrow and complex environment to complete silt cleaning and material handling.

The skid loader with different accessories can complete a variety of operations in the rescue, can play a huge role, and is a rare generalist in post-disaster rescue.

Snow removal operation

1.Angle Broom With Poly/Wire Brush

Heavy snow, to the city painted a different kind of light makeup, but also brought some trouble to people's travel. The skid steer loader equipped with angle broom is a scientific and efficient, cost-effective solution.

The skid steer loader is equipped with angle broom for fast cleaning with unparalleled efficiency. It uses a high-torque motor, hydraulic operation, can efficiently remove snow, dust and other debris on the road, equipped with large diameter brushes, road edges and corners can also be covered. No matter when and where, a smooth road can be quickly opened up at the first time after snow to help restore traffic order.

2.Snow blower

In the case of Lesser Snow, a angle broom with poly/wire Brushr can be used to deal with it; for deeper and thicker snow, you have to use a snow blower.

This hydraulically driven snow blower is an ideal tool for clearing thick snow on sidewalks, driveways and parking lots.

The supporting foot with adjustable height can locate the height of the bucket and prevent it from destroying the paving surface of the ground.

Snow blower

Through the conduit in front of the snow blower, the snow can be blown to the left and right sides of the road, and the maximum distance can reach more than ten meters according to different models.

When there is a large amount of snow, the snow needs to be transported outside the city by vehicles, and a loading conduit is installed so that the snow can be "blown" directly into the transport vehicle, so as to achieve the purpose of "blowing snow" and transporting snow.

3. Ice scraper

After the snow is rolled by the vehicle, it will form a layer of ice on the road. Using the deicer, you can quickly pry up the compacted snow and ice on the road, making it convenient for sanitation workers to carry.

The ice scraper is the best tool to remove the ice firmly stuck to the driveway, sidewalk and parking lot. It can easily remove the stolen goods firmly bonded to the ground and make the ground smooth instantly after removing the ice and snow.

It is worth mentioning that the ice scraper is designed with an automatic sharpening edge, which can not only be used to remove impurities such as ceramic tiles, carpets, mud blocks, rubber, etc., but also can be used in a wide range of applications.

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