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How to choose bucket capacity of skid steer loader?

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Skid Steer Loader

Every construction contractor will need to prepare the construction site and hence will need to dig, excavate, do landscaping and carry dug materials away from the site. And if you are in this industry, you could be wondering about the best equipment to use. This is why we bring you skid steer loaders to make your work easier and help you complete your project on time. Besides, you can use a skid steer loader to do your small home projects even though you are not a professional contractor.


Types of Skid Steer Loader Buckets and Their Capacities

Skid steer loader buckets are different so, you will get different kinds of buckets with different shapes and sizes according to the job they are designed for. The kinds of buckets will also be determined by the type and model of the skid steer loader you will buy. For the case of a 

caterpillar, different types of buckets include;

Dirt Buckets

These buckets are used in narrow areas requiring a low capacity bucket. They are used for digging and small excavations. They are of different sizes and capacities, dirt 1372mm (52 in) has a capacity of 10.5 FT3, Dirt 1524mm (60i in) with a capacity of 11.9 FT3, dirt 1676 (66 in) is 13 FT3, dirt 1829mm (72 in) is 14.3 FT3 and dirt 1981mm (78 in) 15.4 FT3.

General Purpose Buckets

These skids steer loader buckets can be used in a number of applications, including digging, grading, levelling, loading, carrying and dumping materials. Their capacity, 1524mm (60 in) 12.7 FT3, 1676mm (66 in) 14 FT3, 1829mm (72 in) 15.4, 1981mm (78 in) 16.7 FT3, and 2134mm (84 in) 22.2 FT3.

Industrial Grapple Buckets

These kinds of skid steer loaders are engineered to handle bulky and irregular-shaped items and can be used for recycling, construction, demolition and industrial. They are all large with a wide jaw opening of 40 in. the models available are 1524mm (60 in), 1676mm (66 in), 1829mm (72 in) and 1981mm (78 in).

Lightweight Material Buckets

These are the biggest skid steer loaders you will find in caterpillars. They are made to operate in low-density areas such as wood chips, snow, mulch, livestock feed, dry topsoil and fertilizer. They are found in compact tracks and multi-terrain loaders. These are 1829mm (72 in), 24.3 FT3, 1981mm (78 in) 26.5 FT3, 2134mm (84 in) 29.7 FT3 and 2438mm (96 in) 32.8 FT3.

Multi-Purpose Buckets

A single skid steer loader bucket can be used for almost all activities like digging, grading, dozing, back dragging, levelling and clamping. They can be used on any project, and their capacity ranges from 10.5 FT3 to 15.2 FT3.

Buying Guide for a Skid Steer Loader Bucket Size

When choosing the capacity of the skid steer loader bucket, there are several factors you need to consider to reach the right choice. Here are some of them;
Consider the material weight
Look at the width of the bucket.
Skid steer loader tire or track width. Ensure it covers the truck's wheelbase.
The bucket capacity

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