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How to choose machine model and output power of skid steer loader?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-10      Origin: Site

Whether you feel confused when you want to choose a suitable skid steer loader among a lot of types of equipment with different specifications? This article gives guidance for purchasing the right product for you. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us by this website-https://www.forway.com/

1. Machine model and output power

The type of engineering project determines which kind of equipment to choose. Before you choose a skid steer loader, think about below questions:

  • Is it used in a narrow building site?

  • Do you need extra traction to push the accumulation on the soft or muddy ground?

  • Whether a higher lifting height and tipping distance required to load the material onto the truck?

  • Is it necessary to pass through a narrow door frame or carry out foundation backfilling operations?

The Product Manager of Shaoxing Ti-han Heavy Industry Manufacturing Co., LTD., said: "Some construction managers prefer to buy the equipment with maximum power. However, to some extent, this kind of skid steer loaders are only suitable for certain operating conditions and may not be the best choice in terms of the overall cost."

The manager advises that if you are considering adding equipment, doing more heavy work, or expanding the company's business, just buy higher-power equipment than you already have.

The power of skid steer loaders is generally less than 50 horsepower. The power range of medium-sized products is between 50 and 70 horsepower, and large skid steer loaders usually exceed 70 horsepower. A clear understanding of the needs of work can help us choose the right machine. We take a example as the products on forway.com. Below is the details.









output power











skid steer loader-outpower1

skid steer loader-outpower2

2. Radial lift and vertical lift

The radial lifting arm of the skid steer loader swings to the highest point in an arc before reaching the highest point, while the vertical lifting arm is raised directly upward and then outward to reach the highest point. If your equipment works only from the ground to the top of the cab, then radial lifting equipment is a good choice.

If you often need to work above the cab or higher, you need a device with a vertical lifting arm to do the job.

For example, a radial lift skid steer loader is more suitable for jobs such as moving gravel in short-distance. Because the bucket is closer to the machine at the lowest point and can provide extra strength. However, if you often use the skid steer loader to shovel materials to load the dump truck, the vertical lift skid steer loader is a better choice because the bucket can reach a higher position.

skid steer loader-vertical lift or radical lift

                                                             source: Tracy Road Equipment

3. Accessory

Many customers will buy different accessories, and the high-flow hydraulic system can provide more flow for the equipment. So if you expect the equipment to do more work, the hydraulic system is essential. It is worth mentioning that the performance of the equipment will be affected by the hydraulic flow and engine horsepower, which comprehensively determine the performance of the accessory.

Our experience is that when the accessory is a trench opener or planer, the hydraulic system is required to provide greater flow and the engine to provide greater power.In addition, other accessories that need to use high-flow hydraulic pressure include  trench diggers, snow blowers and so on.

skid steer loader-accessory

4. Driving comfort and machine automation

Many manufacturers have found that users are paying more and more attention to the comfort degree of driving and machine automation degree. When the operator has a comfortable seat, quiet cab, good vision and convenient automatic control, it can make the work easier, so the work efficiency will be improved.

If you are interested in buying a skid steer loader, welcome to contact us. We would like to help you to understanding the product and solve your confusing about it. This is the website: https://www.forway.com/ for your reference.

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