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The Top Skid Steer Loader Manufacturers and How To Choose

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-23      Origin: Site

Shaoxing Ti-han Heavy Industry

When you want to select a skid steer loader for your construction project, there are a huge number of skid steer loader manufacturers and suppliers in the world to choose from.

A skid steer loader is a heavy-duty piece of equipment sitting on four wheels or two tracks that can be fitted with all kinds of attachments, and which attachments are fitted depends on what kind of work you want to perform.

These attachments are mounted on the front of the vehicle and include buckets for lifting and moving heavy materials, dozer blades for ploughing and grading, backhoes for digging trenches, weed whackers, saws, and double fork pallet forks and snow blowers, to name a few.

Thus, the versatility of skid steer loaders makes them an indispensable tool for those working in the construction and landscaping industries.

Once you decide to buy a skid steer loader, you should choose some reliable brands while you also evaluate their respective user ratings, attachment choices, durability, maintenance records, and operator comfort to decide which one to purchase.

In this article, we'll cover six top skid steer brands and some tips on how to choose a reliable skid steer loader manufacturer.

Top 6 Skid Steer Loader Manufacturers

  • Bobcat

  • Caterpillar

  • CASE

  • John Deere

  • Ti-Han Heavy Industry

  • Kubota

(Listed in no particular order of priority)



Bobcat (formerly known as Melroe Manufacturing) is the company that actually created the first skid steer loader. In 1957, they bought the patent for a front-end loader invented by two Minnesota brothers and had them join the team to improve this skid steer loader, which officially began production by 1958.

Bobcat, based in North Dakota, has a range of skid steer loaders with rated operating capacities (ROCs) from 760 pounds to 2,000 pounds. As one of the leaders in the industry, it features powerful hydraulic systems, rear cab isolators that minimize sound, touchscreen displays, superior lift arms, improved cooling systems and effective weight balancing.



Caterpillar introduced its first skid steer loader models in 1999 with the release of 4 radial-lift loaders, the result of a customer-driven, bottom-up in-house design, the company said. Today, Caterpillar provides 8 skid-steer loader models, including radial and vertical designs.

Cat skid steer loaders are known for their reliability, power, versatility and ease of use. Featuring an electronic throttle and intelligent levelling system, they are equipped with great hydraulics and ground maintenance capabilities.



CASE is one of the biggest manufacturers of construction equipment in the world. In 1999, it merged with New Holland. CASE began manufacturing skid steer loaders in 1969, first in Iowa and then in Wichita, Kansas. It is popular for its machines in the landscaping and agricultural material handling industries.

CASE skid steer loaders are equipped with various attachments, from rakes to augers, hoes to drill sticks to tree shovels. CASE features benefits such as engine preservation, economic mode, auxiliary hydraulics, ease of maintenance and options for control.

John Deere

John Deere

John Deere, based in Illinois, offers skid steer loaders that range in weight from 6,140 pounds to 10,000 pounds and horsepower from 65 to 100. A wide selection of attachments to choose from include brooms, buckets, grabs, planer beds, flat rollers, rollers and snow attachments.

John Deere is widely recognized by its customers and is known as a reliable skid steer loader manufacturer. Its skid steer loaders are built for heavier attachments and therefore possess sufficient horsepower. John Deere provides both large and compact machines in wheeled and tracked models.

Ti-Han Heavy Industry

Ti-Han Heavy Industry

Ti-han Heavy Industry(formerly known as Zhejiang FORWAY Heavy Industry), was established in 1991, the production address is located in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang province, the company focuses on the production and operation of construction machinery, agricultural machinery and agricultural multi-functional skid steer loaders, machinery parts.

Ti-han is one of the best China multifunctional loader manufacturers with an annual production of more than 2000 loaders, and it is well known for its excellent product performance, advanced technology and quality service. Ti-han offers a variety of skid steer loaders ranging from 0.75Ton to 0.9Ton, and 0.95Ton to 1.25Ton.



Japan-based Kubota is also one of the top manufacturers of skid steer loaders. Each Kubota skid steer model is equipped with a suspension seat and a two-speed engine, so it can move from 7 mph to 11 mph at the snap of a finger.

Kubota's model line includes both wheeled and tracked loaders, from compact units with just above 10 horsepower to loaders with more than 96 horsepower. Some are built for tight spaces, others for breaking through tough obstacles and can be used with a variety of hydraulic and non-hydraulic attachments.

What to consider when choosing a skid steer loader?

skid steer loader manufcturer

1. Lift Capacity

Skid steer loaders use two different lift arm styles, and it's important to choose the one that best suits your purpose and work site to get the most out of your skid steer loader.

  • Radial Lift

If you plan to dump material on walls, backfill, or load flatbed trucks, a radial lift is the better choice. It enables you to raise the bucket in an arc, offering a larger range or reach at medium heights. Compared to a vertical lift, it has fewer lubrication pins, which means it is less likely to experience wear and tear and will be easier to maintain.

  • Vertical Lift

Vertical lifts are designed more for ease of movement up and down than for reaching, with the load remaining closer to the body of the machine. This type of lift is great for placing pallets of wood or sod or for pouring material in high side trucks.

2. Reliability

As with other machines, reliability is one of the most important considerations when choosing a brand and model of skid steer loader. You definitely want a skid steer loader that can be very efficient and get the job done well without causing any harm. Below are a few qualities that are important to consider:

  • Durability

The life expectancy of a skid steer loader is usually about 5,000 hours. The more consistently you can maintain and care for it, the less you'll spend on renewal and replacement costs. Insist on checking the tires daily for wear and inflation, removing some debris, checking fluid levels and doing a walk-through before starting the skid steer. Before you make your decision, verify the specific maintenance requirements for each model.

  • Versatility

Manoeuvrability is especially important when you need to have to work in tight spaces. If you need to handle heavy loads, a higher ROC is necessary. The more attachments available, the more versatility the machine will have, but make sure that the attachments you use most often are available.

  • New or second-hand

If you buy a new skid steer loader, you're likely to get a machine with the latest technology. New skid steer loaders are usually in good working condition and carry a warranty on quality and maintenance. In contrast, while you buy a second-hand skid steer loader which may cost less, the machine is more likely to have breakdowns and defects, so you may incur unexpected repair costs.

  • Brand reputation

Before choosing a skid steer loader manufacturer, you should look at customer comments and expert views. How trustworthy is the machine and how experienced is the company in operation? Not only is this important in determining reliability, but a reliable skid steer loader supplier will also ensure the long-term availability of parts and after-sales service.

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