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Skid Steer Loader

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SANY Digging Machine

Polar Wolverine skid steer loader at the scene

Ti-Han Heavy Industry, focusing on small construction machinery for more than 20 years, excellent product performance and quality service, by domestic and foreign users, agents widely praised. At the same time, Ti-Han will reward our partners who have been supporting us with more excellent products and better services. Ti-Han heavy Industry welcomes new and old friends and industry friends from all over the world to visit and seek win-win cooperation with Ti-Han..


SY35U Series

SY65W Series

SYL956H Series

The powerful power of the skid steer  loader

Perfect hydraulic system and durable structural parts

Maintenance and maintenance of Ti-Han skid steer loader

The maintenance of Ti-Han skid steer loader is very convenient.
As long as you open the rear tail cover and upper cover, raise the big arm and lift the cab, you can complete all the inspection and filling work including the engine, and maintain the filter and battery. The tail cover, the big arm and the cab are equipped with safety support, and completely solve the hidden danger of safety. Unlike other brand slippage loaders, the Ti-Han Slippage is an efficient use of maintenance time, rather than wasting time opening and approaching maintenance and maintenance points.


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