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Skid Steer Loader

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Skid steer loader horsepower

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In general, similar to size, skid steers come diversified based on horsepower. Small units generally have a horsepower performance under 50 hp. Medium units are between 50-70 hp, and large skid steers are over 70 hp. Skid steer loaders with the engine power of 65-80 HP are the most preferred loaders by customers.

The classification of skid steer loader according to horsepower

For more details as below:

  • Small skid steers: Small skid steers generally have less than 50 horsepower and a lift capacity of 1,750 pounds or less. They are ideal for easy towing and hard-to-navigate areas.

  • Medium skid steers: Medium skid steers have between 50 and 70 horsepower and a lift capacity of 1,750 to 2,200 pounds. These machines are suitable for projects that need a little more power than a small machine without sacrificing easy maneuverability and towing.

  • Large skid steers: Large skid steers possess a carrying capacity of 2,200+ pounds and have 70 or higher horsepower. If your project calls for a powerful, hardworking machine, a large loader might be a good fit.

WS50 0.75Ton Mini Skid Steer For Sale

WS50 0.75Ton Mini Skid Steer For Sale

WS65 0.9Ton Small Skid Loader For Sale

WS65 0.9Ton Small Skid Loader For Sale

WS75 0.95Ton Medium Size Skid Loader

WS75 0.95Ton Medium Size Skid Loader

WS85 0.95Ton Medium Size Skid Loader

WS85 0.95Ton Medium Size Skid Loader

WS100 1.25Ton Large Skid Steer Loader

WS100 1.25Ton Large Skid Steer Loader

The function of small-frame skid steer loader

Small-frame skid steers generally work well for landscaping, minor interior demolition work and jobs in tight spaces. These can fit through a walkthrough backyard gate and are popular for homeowner projects. 

The function of medium-sized skid steer loader

Medium-sized machines (50 to 70 hp) can support those attachments and more, including some that require more horsepower, such as augers and saws. Larger machines (more than 70 hp) can power the most heavy-duty attachments, such as cold planers, snow blowers, trenchers, rock saws, mulchers and chipper/shredders.

The function of large-frame skid steer loader

You’ll want a large-frame skid steer, which has a large bucket or blade and more horsepower, for moving significant quantities of gravel or bricks, for grading or excavating a large jobsite or for building a road. If you have the space, a larger machine can save you time on the job by moving material faster, with fewer trips. A large skid steer can often take the place of a full-size backhoe or wheel loader if there’s no room for those machines. A 100-hp loader can lift about a ton and a half. The key is striking a balance: enough power to meet your requirements (perhaps a bit more), but not oversized.

Chinese Manufacturer profile

SHENGZHOU GOFA IMPORT&EXPORT LIMITED COMPANY--Chinese famous skid steer loader manufacturer

Shaoxing Ti-han Heavy Industry Manufacturing Co., LTD., formerly known as Zhejiang FORWAY Heavy Industry Manufacturing Co., LTD., was established in 1991, the production address is located in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang province, the company focuses on the production and operation of construction machinery, agricultural machinery and agricultural multi-functional skid steer oaders, machinery parts.

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skid steer loader-horsepower


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