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Skid steer loaders vs. compact wheel loaders

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-17      Origin: Site

Even though it is well known that the skid steer loader is popular for its versatile characteristics and always has a good performance within many varieties of construction machines all the time, the compact wheel loader becomes another hot machine and enters the construction site as the loader develops. This article compares skid steer loaders and compact wheel loader machines from ten aspects.

Bucket capacity

Usually, the compact wheel loader holds around 25 per cent more bucket capacity and tipping load. The detailed bucket capacity varies according to model type.

Advantage: compact wheel loader.

WS65-640-640 (2)

Purchase price

Compare the price of skid steer loader and that of compact wheel loader,  the latter's price is higher about 25 per cent than the before. In China, there are a lots of brilliant skid steer loader manufacturers provides competitive price for the products including large skid steer loader, digging machine and so on. Take below company as an example: https://www.forway.com/

Advantage: skid stter loader


Operating costs

When users operate the skid stter loaders, they usually find they spend a lot of money in the skid steer loader tires and fuel. Compact wheel loaders is more economical than skid steer loader. Compact wheel loaders have less ground pressure and better traction, so you can start work earlier and work longer under soft ground conditions.

Advantage: compact wheel loader


                                                         source: botcat company


The more ponies, the more hydraulic horsepower as well. But keep in mind the two machines use their power differently. The skid steer needs the extra horsepower to push itself around, counter-rotate and such. The compact loader transfers power to the ground more efficiently so it can use more power to carry loads, but the skid steer can load its bucket and raise it to the dump height with the engine at low throttle, and power high-demand hydraulic accessories.

In the aspect of horsepower, skid stter loaders indoubtly win in this competition. We take Cat as an example, 262 model has 50% more horsepower over the 904B. Usually, there are more ponies and hydraulic horsepower will also be high.

Advantage: skid steer loader


The operating speed is faster for compact wheel loader. The Equipment World Spec Guide shows most small loaders offer a travel speed of around 10 to 14 mph while 7 to 10 mph for skid steer loaders. So if you want a more flexible machine, compact wheel loader may be a better choice.

Advantage: compact wheel loader



In terms of maneuverability, the slip loader is the first place in the driving process.

The driver can rotate in reverse on the track, and because of the advantage of low cab height, the slip loader is allowed to operate in a structure with low clearance.

Advantage: skid steer



The skid steer loaders have a hinge pin when in the vertical lift path, so you can dump a bit higher than comparable compact wheel loaders. For compact wheel loaders, the drivers can sit higher. It means the drivers have better visibility when they work.

Advantage: skid steer loaders.

WS65-640-640 (1)


The skid stter loaders drivers can see the bucket cutting edge clear and have a good control of it. It is easily for the driver to do more difficult and accurate work.

Advantage: skid steer loaders


Operator comfort

Compact wheel loader's side-entry door is easier to get in.  But the skid steer loader's cabs is becoming more and more spacious. So the more space definitely give the more comfortable feeling for the drivers especially in the hot days.

Advantage: skid steer loader



Skid steer loaders can be equipped with a variety of attachments for different using purpose. It is like a "transformer" and can do many kinds of construction work and daily clearing work for example shoveling, stacking, lifting, digging, drilling, crushing, grasping, pushing and scraping, loosening soil, trenching and so on.

Advantage: skid steer loader


Choosing the Right Loader for Your Needs

The choice between a skid steer loader and a compact wheel loader depends on the nature of your construction projects and the specific tasks you need to accomplish. If you require superior maneuverability and versatility for indoor projects or tight spaces, a skid steer loader might be the better option. On the other hand, if you need higher lifting capacity and stability for outdoor tasks, a compact wheel loader could be the right choice.

In conclusion, both skid steer loaders and compact wheel loaders have their unique strengths and applications. Understanding the differences between these two types of loaders will help you make an informed decision based on the specific requirements of your construction projects.

Which loader is more suitable for landscaping tasks?

Skid steer loaders are often preferred for landscaping due to their compact size and maneuverability, making them ideal for tasks like grading, digging trenches, and moving materials in confined spaces.

What are the maintenance requirements for these loaders?

Both skid steer loaders and compact wheel loaders require regular maintenance, including engine checks, hydraulic system inspections, and lubrication. Regular service and prompt repairs are essential to keep the loaders in optimal condition.

Can I use a skid steer loader or compact wheel loader for agricultural purposes?

Yes, both types of loaders are used in agriculture for tasks such as moving hay bales, cleaning barns, and handling feed materials. Their versatility and compact size make them valuable assets on the farm.

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