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Small Skid Steer Loaders from Different Brands An In-depth Guide

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-10-20      Origin: Site

What Are Small Skid Steer Loaders?

Small skid steer loaders are compact, engine-powered machines with lift arms that can accommodate various attachments. They are versatile workhorses, used for tasks like digging, lifting, and loading, making them indispensable in multiple industries.

The Top 10 Small Skid Steer Loader Brands

Before we dive into the individual models, let's introduce the top 10 brands known for manufacturing high-quality compact skid steer loaders:

  • Bobcat

  • Case

  • Kubota

  • Cat

  • John Deere

  • Sany

  • Gehl

  • Volvo

  • Terex

  • Forway

Bobcat S70 Skid Steer Loader

Bobcat S70 Skid Steer Loader

Main Product Parameters

  • Horsepower: 23.5 hp

  • Rated Operating Capacity (ISO): 760lb

  • Fuel Tank: 6.5 gal.

  • Travel Speed: 6.3 mph

Product Features

  • Loader overall performance advantages

  • Effective weight balance

  • Operational safety assurance

  • Comprehensive ease of service



Main Product Parameters

  • Horsepower: 43 hp / 31.8 kW

  • Wheelbase: 0,94 m / 37,1"

  • Engine Make and Model: 2,600 lb (1 179 kg)

  • Full Flow: 59 L/min / 15,6 gpm

Product Features

  • Unique side lighting

  • Power-supported undercarriage allows more material to be transported

  • Larger operating environment space

Kubota SSV65

Kubota SSV65

Main Product Parameters

  • Horsepower: 64 hp

  • Travel Speed: 6.9 mph-11.1 mph

  • Tipping Load: 3900lbs

  • Fuel Tank: 25.4gal

Product Features

  • Quick operation, no back pain

  • Kubota skid steer loaders for any job

  • Easy to maintain

Cat 216B3

Cat 216B3

Cat 216B3

Main Product Parameters

  • Horsepower: 38 kW

  • Rated Operating Capacity: 635 kg

  • Travel Speed - Forward or Reverse: 12.7 km/h

  • Operating Weight: 2581 kg

Product Features

  • Ergonomic operator station

  • High-performance powertrain

  • Advanced hydraulic system

  • Easy maintenance

John Deere 316GR

John Deere 316GR

Main Product Parameters

  • Horsepower: 48.5 kW (65 hp)

  • Net Power: 45.6 kW (61 hp)

  • Rated Operating Capacity: 795 kg (1,750 lb.)

  • Operating Weight: 2806 kg (6,180 lb.)

Product Features

  • Increase machine versatility

  • Spacious, updated cab enhances comfort and ease of operation

  • Increase productivity with electro-hydraulic (EH) control

LiuGong CLG365B

LiuGong CLG365B

Main Product Parameters

  • Rated Load: 795 kg

  • Rated Power: 43kW@2300rpm

  • Engine Manufacturer: Yanmar

  • Overall Machine Length: 3432 mm

Product Features

  • Electric loaders as assistants for green transformation

  • Powerful Yanmar engine

  • Reduce tail swing

    Gehl R220

    Gehl R220

    Main Product Parameters

    • Horsepower: 53.70 kW

    • Engine Model: 4TNV98CT-NMSLV Stage V

    • Battery Voltage: 12 V

    • Fuel Tank: 68.10 L

    Product Features

    • The ideal construction machine to handle any job with ease

    • Provide repairs

    • Affordable price and high-cost performance

    VOLVO MC60

    VOLVO MC60

    Main Product Parameters

    • Horsepower: 36,9 kW (49,5 ph)

    • Travel Speed: 0–10,3 km/h

    • Hydraulic Flow: 63 l/min

    • Operating Capacity: 612kg

    Product Features

    • Strong and sturdy

    • Excellent breakout force, standard auxiliary hydraulics, and excellent visibility

    • Durable and long service intervals

      Terex PT30

      Terex PT30

      Main Product Parameters

      • Operating Weight: 1500kg

      • Track Width: 1219mm

      • Ground Pressure: 19.2kPa

      • Height: 1803mm (to the top of the cab)

      • Length: 2485mm (with bucket)

      Product Features

      • Has low ground pressure of 3.0 psi

      • Standard loader-mounted quick-connect interface

      • Efficient work

      Forway 0.75Ton Skid Steer Loader

      Forway 0.75Ton Skid Steer Loader

      Main Product Parameters

      • Output Power: 36.8 HP/kW

      • Rotate Speed: 2650 rpm

      • Operating Weight: 3000 kg

      • Wheel Base: 999mm

      • Bucket Capacity: 0.41 m³

      Product Features

      • Powerful and efficient power transmission system

      • Rugged and reliable design

      • Flexible operation

      • Unparalleled versatility

      • Safe and comfortable operating environment

      • Easy maintenance

      FAQs About Small Skid Steer Loaders

      Q1: Why are small skid steer loaders so versatile?

      A1: Small skid steer loaders are versatile due to their ability to accommodate various attachments, making them suitable for a wide range of tasks.

      Q2: Can I add additional attachments to small skid steer loaders?

      A2: Yes, most small skid steer loaders offer the flexibility to add a variety of attachments to enhance their functionality.

      Q3: How do I determine the appropriate lift capacity for my specific applications?

      A3: The lift capacity you need depends on the tasks you'll be performing. Consult the equipment specifications and match them to your requirements.

      Q4: What are some common applications of small skid steer loaders?

      A4: Small skid steer loaders are used for tasks like excavation, landscaping, material handling, and snow removal, among others.


      Small skid steer loaders are valuable assets in various industries. With this guide, you're better equipped to make an informed decision when selecting the right machine for your needs.

      If you have any questions about small skid steer loaders or need assistance in choosing the right small skid steer loader, feel free to contact us. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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