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Top 10 Mini Skid Steer Loader Supplier

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-16      Origin: Site

When it comes to small skid steer loaders, we have to mention their importance in the field of modern architecture and civil engineering.

These multi-functional machines are known for their flexibility, efficiency and adaptability, and can accomplish a variety of tasks in small spaces.

In the market, there are many different brands and models of small skid steer loaders for consumers to choose from.

Each brand and model has its own unique characteristics and advantages, suitable for a variety of different application scenarios.

In this article, we will introduce several highly respected brands and their different models to help you better understand the choice of these small skid steer loaders.

Recommended brands and models

Bobcat S160


The Bobcat S160 is a compact skid steer loader known for its maneuverability and versatility in various construction and landscaping tasks.

Bobcat 1 (2)

Main parameter

Working weight of the whole machine:2774 kg

Standard bucket capacity:0.33m ³

Rated deadweight:748 kg

Overturning load:1497 kg

Unloading height:2197 mm

Unloading distance:461 mm

Maximum torque:163.8 Nm

Engine type: Turbocharging; diesel direct injection

Product characteristic:

Bobcat S160 is widely used in shipbuilding, landscaping, cement production, livestock breeding and other industries. Bobcat S160 has always been the most practical equipment in the spraying workshop, flexible steering and strong shovel thrust enable it to quickly complete the recovery of iron sand particles.

A variety of accessories can easily complete land consolidation, irrigation system laying, tree transplanting, material handling, snow removal and other work.


Sany  ZL30


Sany `

Main parameter

Working weight of the whole machine:2774 kg

Standard bucket capacity:0.33m ³

Rated deadweight:748 kg

Overturning load:1497 kg

Unloading height:2197 mm

Unloading distance:461 mm

Maximum torque:163.8 Nm

Engine type: Turbocharging; diesel direct injection

Product characteristic:

Most customers believe that the Sany ZL30 performs exceptionally well. It has powerful capabilities and a high load capacity, enabling it to easily meet various job site requirements. Additionally, its user-friendly operation allows operators to work efficiently. Many customers have praised the fuel efficiency of the Sany ZL30. It incorporates advanced fuel injection technology, effectively reducing fuel consumption and lowering operating costs.


CAT 216B3



Main parameter

Working weight of the whole machine:2581 kg

Rated Operating Capacity: 635 kg

Maximum Overall Height: 3709 mm

Loader Hydraulic Pressure: 23000 kPa

Bucket Pin Height - Maximum Lift: 2854 mm

Engine type:Cat C2.2

Product characteristic:

The enhanced operator station incorporates user-friendly pilot-operated joystick controls, minimizing operator fatigue and maximizing productivity.

The powerful performance powertrain delivers impressive engine horsepower and torque, enabling efficient operation at partial throttle, resulting in reduced noise levels and fuel consumption.

The state-of-the-art hydraulic system is engineered to provide optimal power and dependability.

Convenient routine maintenance procedures contribute to minimizing machine downtime, ensuring enhanced productivity.

A wide selection of Cat Work Tools, precisely matched for performance, enhances the versatility of the Cat Skid Steer Loader on any job site.


Liugong CLG385B


Liugong 1

Main parameter

Gross Power:72 hp (53.7 kW)

Engine: Yanmar 4TNV98CT Tier 4 Final

Operating Weight: 8,250 lb (3,750 kg)

Bucket Capacity: 0.66 yd3

Peak torque: 1,625 rpm

Hydraulic system: 15.8 gal (60 L)

Product characteristic:

The equipment is easy to use and maintenance is more important. Liugong 385B is the technical precipitation of Liugong for more than 60 years, with reasonable equipment layout and extreme fuel efficiency.

Series walking hydraulic system, the cab can be turned up to 80 degrees, the core components such as the walking motor are clear at a glance, and the rear radiator can be rotated and opened, which can be cleaned on both sides to ensure the smoothness of heat dissipation.

At the same time, it ensures that the engine fan and other key components can be maintained quickly.

In short, all maintenance areas are within reach to facilitate maintenance and reduce maintenance costs.


Longking LG312


Longking 1

Main parameter

Bucket capacity: 0.54m3;

Rated load: 1230kgs

Operating weight: 3700kgs

Rated power: 63kw

Overall size: 3350mm (L)*2050mm (H)*1820mm (W)

Travel speed: 11.8km/h

System pressure: 21mpa

Hydraulic tank capacity: 65L

Product characteristic:

The Kubota engine in its original form is both powerful and environmentally friendly, complying with the EPA Interim Tier IV and EU Tier III A emission standards.

The loader features an integral frame structure that enhances its stability and performance. The hydraulic system is highly dependable and reliable. Equipped with a spacious cabin, including FOPS/ROPS protection, the operator enjoys both comfort and safety. This loader is versatile, offering a wide range of attachments to fulfill various functions.


Volvo  L25F


Volvo 1

Main parameter

Engine: Volvo D3.1A

Engine gross power: 36.4 kW/ 49.5 hp

Bucket capacity: 0.45 - 1.5 m3 / 0.85 -1.44 yd3

Operating weight: 4800.0 - 5140.0 kg/ 10582.0 - 11332.0 lbs

Max. travel speed -Standard: 20.0 km/h /12.4 mph

Breakout force: 37 KN

Max torque lso 9249,SAEJ1349 net: 178.6 Nm / 131.7 lbf ft

Product characteristic:

From the aspect of equipment design, both front and rear axles have fully-locking differentials. Outstanding overall performance with emission compliance. Extra bright cab work lights provide extra illumination in low light. Maximize attachments use. Optional attachment bracket increases productivity by working with attachments from other machines. For Parallel linkage, excellent attachment visibility and optimum lifting height and reach.


Toyota  4SDK4


Toyota 1

Main parameter

Operating Weight: 2,950 kg

Maximum Lift Height: 3,050 millimeters (120 inches)

Rated Operating Capacity: 1,200 kilograms (2,645 pounds)

Engine Power: 49 horsepower (36.5 kW)

Tipping Load: 2,400 kilograms (5,291 pounds)

Travel Speed: 10.4 kilometers per hour (6.5 miles per hour)

Product characteristic:

Every Toyota forklift is built with the same precision and famous advanced manufacturing technologies as Toyota’s automotive products. The Toyota Huski 4SDK4 skid steer loader is compact in size, yet powerful enough to handle the toughest job. Its compact size make limited access applications possible. Tested in varying conditions, from sub zero to high ambient temperatures. An alkyd paint has been replaced by a urethane paint for greater protection against rust and to reduce fading.


Wecan  WT730


Wecan 1

Main parameter

Power(w): 40kw

wheel Base: 991mm

Max.Load: 1200kg

Number of cylinder: 4

specification: 3345*1800*2070mm

Production Capacity: 1000units/Year

Product characteristic:

Good performance with competitive price .Turn within its own length. Excellent reach and lift height for truck loading (radial direction). More than 20 series attachments for option: pallet fork, hydraulic hammer, backhoe, sweeper, angle broom, 4 in 1 bucket, auger, trencher, tooth bucket and so on.

Attachment can be used with bobcat type skid steer loader. World famous hydraulic system from America (Sauer pump). Germany Rexroth hydraulic motor MCR3 with parking brake. Famous brand engine with EPA or EURO II or III from China and UK. Multifunctional, maneuverability and reliability.





Main parameter

Bucket Load: 0.6m³

Rated Load: 1080KG

Rated Power: 61.3KW

Operating Weight: 3450KG

Overall dimension(LxWxH): 3610*2000*1960MM

Product characteristic:

Xugong XT740 slip loader has the following advantages:

The hydraulic fuel tank, the fuel tank and the chassis are integrated, which saves space and makes the machine more robust. It adopts the internationally famous Perkins engine and Rexroth hydraulic parts to ensure that the machine is competent for all kinds of work. The automatic levelling system, when the moving arm rises, the shovel bucket can keep the flat lifting state. Most accessories from other manufacturers can be used on the slip loader.

The button switch is within reach, the safety handrail can prevent people from accidentally leaving the seat, and there are four safety measures to ensure the safe operation of the operator.

The cab can be turned forward at a large angle, and the throttle of the engine has two forms: manual control and pedal acceleration control, which greatly facilitates the operation and can replace a variety of accessories.  Compared with large-scale equipment, Xugong XT740 skid steer loader has become the first choice in road maintenance because of its more meticulous cleaning, higher work efficiency and lower cost.


Forway WS50


Forway 1

Main parameter

Rate loading  capacity: 750 kg

overturn loading  capacity:1500kg

operating weight: 3000kg

engine output power:36.8 HP/kw

Max speed:12km

bucket capacity: 0.41m³

Product characteristic:

The renowned brand engine equipped features strong power, ultra-low emission, and higher fuel efficiency. The static hydraulic drive technology adopted features stable drive and high efficiency and reliability. The fully-sealed sprocket case and high strength chains feature automatic lubrication and maintenance-free.The quality in accordance with the unified standard production and testing, in line with the requirements of the drawings, and the original machine parts of the same quality.

Forway has been focusing on small construction machinery for more than 20 years, excellent product performance and quality service, by domestic and foreign users, agents widely praised.

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