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Skid Steer Loader

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wheeled skid steer loader- Forway

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-01      Origin: Site

John Deere 329D wheeled skid steer loader

Product Description

The typical operational weight of a John Deere 329D Skid Steer Loader is 10,830 pounds. However, this weight can differ based on the specific machine setup and attached accessories. John Deere Skid Steers have become so popular in construction applications due that the John Deere 329D is strong, versatile, and easy to manoeuvre.

Main parameter

Overall Width: 6'7”(2.0m)

Horse Power: 80 hp (59.6kW) 2,000 rpm

Operating Capacity : 1317 kg (2,900 lbs.)

Clearance at Max Lift: 8'6”(2.59m)

wheeled skid steer loader 1

Bobcat S300 wheeled skid steer loader

Product Description

Boasting a forward reach spanning 34 inches and a lift height of 10 and a half feet, the S300 skid-steer excels at efficiently loading and unloading trucks. This vertical-lift-path equipment showcases a commendable rated operating capacity of 3,000 pounds. Powering it is an 81-horsepower, turbocharged Kubota diesel engine, and it commands a hydraulic lift breakout force of 6,300 pounds.

Main parameter

Fuel Capacity: 23 gal (87 I)

Max Speed:12 mph (19 kph)

Operating Speed: 6.9mph (10 kph)

Operational Weight:8448 lbs (3,832 kg)

wheeled skid steer loader 2

Forway WS50 wheeled skid steer loader

Product Description

With robust power and a versatile array of attachments, this 0.75-ton skid steer loader excels in navigating confined spaces. It serves as an ideal asset for road construction, municipal upkeep, port handling, garden maintenance, and pasture management. Notably, it offers a combination of cost-effective operation and significant economic advantages.

Main parameter

rate loading capacity: 750kg

overturn loading  capacity: 1500kg

operating weight: 3000kg

work flow: 66 L/min

wheeled skid steer loader 3

Forway WS65 wheeled skid steer loader

Product Description

The 0.9-ton Skid Steer Loader offers the option for a dual-speed travel setup, along with a pressurized cabin and a new air conditioning system. The entire machine utilizes a high-flow system, effectively catering to various work conditions such as manure removal in livestock facilities, displacement of loose sand, stacking of pasture materials, and road cleaning tasks.

Main parameter

rate loading capacity:900kg

overturn loading  capacity: 1800kg

operating weight: 3300kg

work flow: 82.5 L/min

wheeled skid steer loader 4

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